A Blog (August 2016-) spotlighting interviews with activists for positive social change:

Cuba in Transition: Snapshot of a Moving Target. ( 2016) Eugene Weekly, 35, 8, 38-39. Online:

Political and personal memoir in progress -- ACTIVIST: Adventures on the Cutting Edge of Social Change. First chapter.

An Oral History of Charles Gray, April 20, 1925-July 8, 2006. Prepared by Sylvia Hart, his widow, for the University of Oregon, Special Collections and University Archives. (2009) Eugene, Oregon. Privately printed and distributed. 427 pages. More at

[Charles Gray, co-author] Caravan for justice: Zapatista leaders take their fight for indigenous rights on the road. (2001) The Register-Guard [Daily newspaper, Eugene, Oregon] April 1, 1F-4F.

[Charles Gray, co-author] On the Zapatista trail: revolution in Chiapas. (2001) The Other Paper, March, 12-14.

Ceasefire Oregon aiming to educate, not legislate. (1996) The Register-Guard, op-ed page.

Gun turn-in campaign planned in Eugene. (1996) The Other Paper, February, 10.

Patterns of library use in a remedial pre-college program. (1978) The Journal of Negro Education: A Howard University Quarterly Review, 47, 4, 385-394.

Black Youth, Black Studies and Urban Education. (1975) LACUNY Occasional Paper, No. 3. [Adapted from master's thesis in Sociology, New York University, 1974]

The CUNY librarian: a professional profile. (1974) LACUNY Journal, 3, 2, 33-40.

A pre-college program for the disadvantaged. (1970) Library Journal, 95, 16, 2884-2887.

Three editions of pamphlet: Magazines recommended for use with children, grades K-12: A comparative survey of six basic lists. (1968-1971) Teaneck, NJ: Franklin Square Agency.

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